Partnered with the CSP

Mammoth has always been dedicated to working with the brightest minds and the very best furniture technologies to create products that deliver proven health benefits. In 2015, Mammoth formed an exclusive partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – the UK’s leading representative body for physiotherapists with over 54,000 registered members.

The groundbreaking partnership once again shows that we go further than any other mattress brand to look after the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Mammoth founder and MD, John Tuton, explains why he was so keen to partner with the CSP:

“We put innovation, testing and product development at the forefront of everything we do. Working with expert physiotherapists helps us to continue developing products that meet the highest standards.

For many years our mattresses have been recommended by health professionals who understand the value of pressure relief, postural support, improved circulation and, of course, quality sleep. This partnership reflects the backing given by qualified health practitioners.”

CSP director, Robert Yeldham says:

“Working with Mammoth we’ve pioneered the use of specialist physiotherapists, nominated by the appropriate professional network, to offer advice to manufacturers.

“Mammoth started their discussion with us from the point of principle that their products should be designed to take account of issues such as pressure relief and good posture.”

see why health professionals love mammoth

With technologies developed and proven in healthcare, and comfort that has to be tried to be believed, its little surprise that health practitioners around the UK recommend Mammoth mattresses to their patients, friends, and family every week.

Watch our quick video to see why Mammoth are the go-to mattress for physiotherapist Claire McKendrick.