It’s no surprise that Mammoth’s best-selling mattress, the SuperSoft 270, offers the greatest pressure relief in independent pressure mapping tests. Quite simply, the SuperSoft 270 is for those who love a sumptuous and luxurious feel in their sleep.

This is a Mammoth in it’s pure Medical Grade Foam™ form. PostureCell™ Medical Grade Foam™ is topped with an added layer of advanced SuperSoft Medical Grade Foam™ for the ultimate in comfort and pressure relief.


Mammoth mattresses don’t just claim to improve health and wellbeing – they prove it. In clinical trials and independent tests, Mammoth mattresses deliver superior support, unrivalled pressure relief and faster heat dispersal for a comfortable, cool night’s sleep.

All Mammoths are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with 10 years’ added peace of mind thanks to the brand’s industry-leading 5+5 extended warranty.