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Mammoth mattresses have been tested under the guidance of the world’s leading sleep Professor Jason Ellis, at the University of Northumbria’s Centre for Sleep Research.

In clinical trials and independent testing, Mammoth’s Medical Grade™ Foam has been proven to improve sleep, deliver superior postural support and offer greater pressure relief than standard memory foam and sprung mattress surfaces. High Specification Medical Grade Foam technology is so effective, it has been recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and used extensively throughout the NHS and private healthcare.

Thanks to its health benefits, Mammoth mattresses are registered medical devices with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Tested under controlled scientific conditions, 3 key sleep elements were tested on a participant group; both at home in their own bed, and in a laboratory on a Mammoth Performance mattress.

The results were outstanding:

1. Sleep Efficiency

Participants were monitored to measure the ratio between how long a person spends in bed compared to how long they spend asleep. In the laboratory, on a Mammoth, participants improved their sleep efficiency by an average of 7%, and moved up a ‘clinically relevant zone’ (Prof. J Ellis), from poor sleep efficiency to good sleep efficiency.

2. Sleep Onset Latency

How quickly you fall asleep. The test proved that participants fell asleep faster on a Mammoth by 29%. For many that can mean another 20-30minutes sleep.

3. Sleep Enjoyment

Participants were asked to “grade” their night’s sleep. On average, they enjoyed their sleep 21% more on a Mammoth!

Want a better night’s sleep? Mammoth believe in more than just developing cutting edge technologies, we aren’t happy until we thoroughly test them and prove that they work.