Mattress Sizes

Choosing the right bed isn’t all about the perfect Mammoth mattress. Getting the size right can also encourage a good night’s sleep.
When it comes to sleep, bigger is better. For instance, two people sharing a double bed only leaves each person with 75cm of space each. When you consider the average adult shoulder width is 45cm, this leaves each person with a mere 15cm of space either side.

Small Single
75cm / 2’6″

Width: 75cm
Length: 190cm

90cm / 3′

Width: 90cm
Length: 190cm

Small Double
120cm / 4′

Width: 120cm
Length: 190cm

135cm / 4’6″

Width: 135cm
Length: 190cm

150cm / 5′

Width: 150cm
Length: 200cm

180cm / 6′

Width: 180cm
Length: 200cm