Are you a Health Practitioner?

Do you believe in the power of a truly restorative night’s sleep? Help your patients achieve greater health and wellbeing by partnering with Mammoth as a HealthPRO affiliate.

Mammoth’s HealthPRO is here to help you to enhance your Positive Patient Outcomes through sleep. Our Medical Grade Foam™ mattresses are clinically proven to enhance sleep and are tested to their limits by independent bodies to ensure that Mammoth customers feel the benefit of a deep, restorative sleep.


In partnership with the CSP

Mammoth’s mission is to help people lead more active, comfortable and pain-free lives. We are proud to be official partners with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Read more about our relationship with the CSP here.

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Medical Grade Foam™ allows you to offer your patients:

  • ✓ Optimum support
  • ✓ Unrivalled pressure relief
  • ✓ Increased circulation
  • ✓ Body temperature regulation
  • ✓ Encourages improved postural alignment
  • ✓ Faster Recovery & Rehabilitation

And the benefits don’t stop there. The HealthPRO programme means your recommendation also gives your patient a free SuperSoft Slim pillow (RRP £89), when investing in their mattress.

Here’s why health professionals love Mammoth’s Medical Grade Foam™

Q. What makes Mammoth a credible clinical recommendation for health practitioners?
A. High Specification Medical Grade Foam™

This is the first time that science has been at the forefront of ensuring clinically proven health benefits through sleep, not just for the elite but for everybody. Medical Grade Foam™ is a far cry from traditional memory foam. It overcomes overheating and the ‘being locked into position’ problem associated with memory foam.

Through clinically proven scientific research, Mammoth’s High Specification Medical Grade Foam™, offers a level of healing and recovery no other mattress can.

This unique pressure relieving material has been tested by the MHRA and has been shown to improve pressure relief, support and heat dispersion. For over 10 years it has been recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) under clinical guideline 179.

Start promoting recovery through sleep


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How it works




Upon registering for HealthPRO, you will receive a poster for your clinic and a supply of leaflets to distribute to patients.
On the reverse of each leaflet will be a voucher entitling a patient to a FREE SuperSoft Slim pillow (RRP £89) redeemable at your clinic’s designated retailer with any mattress purchased.




Patients simply need to take along the voucher to their designated local retailer where it can be redeemed with the purchase of any Mammoth Performance mattress. The pillow will then be delivered with their mattress order.




The results: “My wife has nursed for 30 years, which has taken it’s toll on her back. Our existing bed frame and mattress were no longer providing the support that she needs.
We now awake refreshed and restored, and my wife’s back and hip problems are already showing improvement.”