Mammoth backed by the CSP

The groundbreaking partnership between Mammoth and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy once again shows that we go further than any other furniture brand to look after the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Not only are Mammoth’s technologies clinically proven to improve sleep and support recovery, they are also recommended by physiotherapists across the UK.

Why partner with the CSP?

Mammoth founder and MD, John Tuton, explains why he was so keen to partner with the CSP:

“We put innovation, testing and product development at the forefront of everything we do. Working with expert physiotherapists helps us to continue developing products that meet the highest standards.

For many years our mattresses have been recommended by health professionals who understand the value of pressure relief, postural support, improved circulation and, of course, quality sleep. This partnership reflects the backing given by qualified health practitioners.”

CSP director, Robert Yeldham says:

“Working with Mammoth we’ve pioneered the use of specialist physiotherapists, nominated by the appropriate professional network, to offer advice to manufacturers.

“Mammoth started their discussion with us from the point of principle that their products should be designed to take account of issues such as pressure relief and good posture.”

Find out what Chartered Physiotherapist Tracey Atkinson found when she assessed a Mammoth mattress here.

Trust in the Science of Comfort

Mammoth has always been dedicated to working with the brightest minds and the very best furniture technologies to create products that deliver proven health benefits. In 2015, Mammoth formed an exclusive partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – the UK’s leading representative body for physiotherapists with over 54,000 registered members.


Under the partnership, Mammoth is committed to seeking the advice of specialist physiotherapy experts as it develops new products and product ranges. Since 2015 this has included input on both seating and mattress designs.

“As a physiotherapist I wanted a mattress with the science behind it, and as an elite para-athlete I wanted something comfortable to assist with my recovery and look after my body while I’m asleep. I tried many mattresses and the Mammoth was the only one that had all the science to back it up . . . and it was exceptionally comfortable”

Anne Dickins,
Chartered Physiotherapist and World Champion Para Canoeist

As the Lead Physiotherapist in a very busy Sports’ Injury Clinic and also a part-time Fitness Instructor, I can’t emphasise enough the importance and benefits of recovery. And that’s where a good night’s sleep comes in. No one wants to wake up tired and in pain when they know they have a non-stop day coming up and are likely to be on their feet for 90% of the day – I know I certainly don’t!

We opted for the Mammoth Performance 20 and haven’t looked back since. Within days of buying the mattress, our sleep quality had improved ten fold. I’m waking up less tired and my body feels well rested, ready to face the day ahead.

Advancing Physiotherapy 2016

Mammoth will be attending the Advancing Physiotherapy conference in Liverpool in November. We will join 1,500 physiotherapy professionals as a gold sponsor at the two-day event.

Are you a health professional interested in finding out more about Mammoth and our Science of Comfort?

Visit us at our stand at the conference and don’t miss our talk on the importance of sleep as part of a holistic approach to achieving Positive Patient Outcomes. You can find out more about what we will be up to at the event here.

To learn more about HealthPRO – our national patient referral initiative – visit our dedicated page now.